Explore the Khmer grounds of Angkor Wat, Cambodia. Witness first hand, the smiling stone faces built by an ancient and mighty civilization. See overgrown trees topple over crumbling walls. Observe monkeys that call Angkor Wat home. These famous ruins echo the work and craftsmanship from a spiritual civilization, told only now in the structures they built.


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Big Shakes NASHVILLE Hot Chicken is easily the best Nashville Hot Chicken I've ever had. Chef Big Shake, who studied culinary arts in New York, plus has been featured on Shark Tank twice, is a madman with mad skills. I've had the pleasure of working with him and helping to expand his exposure to a larger audience so we can get y'all to try his award winning hot chicken recpies. Trust me, you won't be let down!

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Presented annually in Los Angeles, Global Green Millennium Awards was established in 1996 to recognize and celebrate people, companies and organizations that embody Global Green's mission to foster a shift towards a sustainable and secure future.

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"Shine A Light” by Grammy nominated artist Rocky Dawuni, combines the sounds of New Orleans with reggae and samba to create an anthem of positivity. This video celebrates the power of shared humanity and the importance of being courageous to tap into your own power of expression and happiness.

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Community Healing Gardens is a non-profit organization launched in Venice Beach, CA 2015. We create urban gardens to provide sustainable, nutritious food to diverse and underserved communities. We believe every corner with a patch of soil or some empty space has the potential to feed a community with nutrition, connection and love.

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American Ex-patriots live all over the world, but what drives them to relocate? Join Devin Luther as he uncovers the stories about why people permanently leave the USA. The result is a fascinating look at the countries and cultures American Expats have decided to call home.

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